Meet the Exec Team


Ronak Doowd LinkedIn

Goal: To overall create a positive environment and unforgettable experience for our cohort

Interests: Student career development, tennis, fitness, travelling

Executive Vice President

Isabella Baggio LinkedIn

Goal: Develop and coordinate sustainable programs and resources

Interests: Cooking and baking, spending time with loved ones, yoga

VP of Academics

Lara Belton LinkedIn

Goal: Improve course and program structure, open to suggestions, implement feedback

Interests: Photography, Travelling, Sailing, Soccer

VP of Marketing

Garet Gauthier ◦  LinkedIn

Goal: Improve online branding, promote our program and cohort, help create positive student environment

Interests: Martial arts, hockey, guitar, graphic design

Graduate Society Representative

Sienna Ducharme LinkedIn

Goal: To be a positive and effective representative of our cohort

Interests: Baking, plants, interior design

VP of Communications

Melissa Ristovski LinkedIn

Goal: Improve student-to-student connections and bridge the gap between administration and student communications

Interests: Baking, family time, psychology

VP of Finance

Logan Chamberlain ◦  LinkedIn

Goal: Allocating, and budgeting OMBAS funds to produce, and maximize cohort benefits

Interests: Finance, entrepreneurship, movies, travelling

VP of Alumni

Joel Tye ◦  LinkedIn

Goal: Promote effective communication and lasting relationships with our cohort and past alumni

Interests: Travelling, spending time with family, baseball, skiing

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